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Hi one of the groups I'm part of is talking about becoming a CIC but they have heard rumours that councils will not allocate funding to CICs. I would like to know if any CICs have apllied for, and recieved council funding for their projects and if so, what area they are in? Would really appreciate some feedback on this. Many thanks

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Hi there, lots of CICs have had funding from the council.  This includes London, Birmingham, Northampton, Leicester, Norwich, Kent, Manchester, Liverpool to name a few places.  Where specifically are you based?

Being a CIC should not prevent you obtaining funding - but the person in the council who is giving the funding obviously needs to know what a CIC is in the first place, or this could cause some issues initially!

Hi Heidi, Thanks for the feedback. I am based in the Basingstoke area as are the groups that I am involved in. My own company Bo-Basing is a CIC but we have never needed to apply for funding so it hasn't been an issue for me but the groups I am involved in are eco groups and are looking for council funding for their projects. They are being frightened off becoming a CIC by someone who I suspect doesn't actually know what they are talking about. It's encouraging to hear that funding is going out to CICs. Thank you. :0)

Hi Tracy

CICs have taken on contracts in excess of £1 billion per annum AT LEAST in the last 12 months (it is a lot more actually but that is what we can show with data) and are delivering everything from local leisure centres to elderly care provision. Over 7000 now up and down the country.

If you havent already done so please tell us about Bo-Basing here: 

 There are quite a few who throw casual statements about, unfortunate but hopefully diminishing day by day.  The challenge for CICs (as with every other small organisation) in winning contracts is tough enough, it is also easy to use as a casual 'off the record' reason to brush off new ideas

We got council funding for our roller sports rink in Fareham, just down the road from you.



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