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BBC News reports today on the headaches at the Royal Free with their computerised records system:

"The Royal Free, one of a number of early adopters of e-records, has been using the system since last summer.

"The project, restricted to England, has been one of the most controversial aspects of the overall 10-year IT programme, which also involves an online booking system, digital imaging for X-rays and electronic prescriptions. "

As I've learned, there's something of a push to promote social enterprise in the NHS and software development is what P-CED does to earn revenue for mission support.

We've been developing online booking software for 20 years and as distributors have both a patient records and digital imaging available as products.

We even have lomgstanding NHS customers.

So why don't the NHS and social enterprise ever seem to meet?


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they do Jeff, havent SEC just done a deal with them?
I didn't know John,

What kind of deal?

A guide to the 'right to request'
The Coalition has been working with the Department of Health Social Enterprise Unit to develop guidance to support NHS staff who are thinking of taking up the ‘right to request’ and setting up a social enterprise to deliver healthcare services to NHS patients. The guide attempts to answer some the questions NHS staff may have about setting up a social enterprise, setting out some of the benefits, but also the risks and challenges. It also provides information on the process involved.

The full guidance can be found here

The summary leaflet can be found here

Its not exactly the same, but they should have a list of contacts who could help you develop discussions in software..
Ah got you.

They don't know about us as suppliers, outside of NHS staff and we don't seem to be able to find anyone to get onto their procurement database, even as an existing supplier.




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