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I run (and have been for some years now) performance arts projects in the community, focussing on integrated groups of people with and without learning and physical disabilities. They are getting so successful and prolific I have decided to move up a step and become a CIC but am stuck with the forms.

1) As there are only a few of us directors I am adopting model-articles-of-association-limited-by-guarantee-small-membership and model-memorandum-of-association-limited-by-gurantee. Does this sound right and is there anything I should look out for in the articles?

2) I am confused about the term signatories in IN01 .. are those the directors OR only to be used for shareholders (which we don't have)

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Hi Steve

Cant answer a reverse question such as anything I should look out for, answer would be everything! But have a read through, make a list and post and I can deal with them for you. In general they are simply the rules you work, adding/removing directors, voting etc

This group is where to post and already has a lot of discussion



Thanks I think I have actually figured out most of it now, lots of confusing and contradictory information on internet made it tricky to figure out which part of the forms related to what, but think its ok



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