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commissioning a celebrity dance Artist.


At the end of the event the children would meet a member of the dance artist’s crew featured in the video.


So the event is organised to create a dance event for children aged 11-16, giving them an opportunity to participate in an exciting dance performance/event within their own school.


Money would be paid to raise wage money to pay staff and travel expenditure. The company would also rely on outside funding for example - Arts council to pay towards money to commission the artists video and the Directors wages.


I'm aware that two trustee's for the company would be needed, is this correct?


So as far as I am aware from speaking to other people and research I think that if provided with an asset lock the company would be a community interest company limited by guarantee?


I would really appreciate any help or advice, as this would be advantageous for my project findings and creating a business plan/financial plan.


Thanks again,


Hi there,


Thank you for your welcoming. I'm currently a third year dance student at the University of Bedfordshire and I'm completing a project as part of my dance and entrepreneurship unit.


The hypothetical project idea consists of:


Creating a 12 hour dance-athon event to raise money for sports relief, which 5 different schools across the UK would participate, across 5 different regions all performing and participating in the event at the same time on the same day.- (a dance-athon is low intensity dance for a number of hours). The event would be organised and filed by 4 paid directors of the company, using regional dance agencies to help provide staff for each event. The students participating in each school would pay to participate but the money that they raise would go to sports relief. The staff for each school/venue would be paid- including dance artists and chaperones.


The schools would attempt to learn the dance material before the event via a video on Youtube, the Facebook page and Twitter. The video would be produced on

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