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how CICs are changing company law around the world...

there's an interesting paper been recently published (well, interesting for governance 'geeks' like me...) that looks at how social entrepreneruship and social enterprise have changed company law on a global scale;


interesting read, especially for the section where it looks at the CIC model


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Nice spot Adrian

It really is amazing to me how internationally the success of CIC is being picked up on while we still struggle for any sensible policy/strategy on development here in the UK.


I think the interest in CIC is reflecting a wider appetite for change, the medium term indicators look very strong.

It's even better than you think in the general context of business investing in community and social objectives.  When RBS asked for a social report for their SE100 Index recently, I was able to describe how impact was being made on policy of 3 governments, the leading business schools and even our own Prime Minister.







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