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A story which broke here in the Forest of Dean recently concerning a grant of £26,000 by the district council for a healthcare CIC.  According to the local newspaper, the sum of £8,645 having been spent on company registration.

The CIC which had been set up in response to a need at the time but has since been subject to changing circumstances, has remained inactive.  Allegedly, there was only one consultant available at the time to advise on setting up the company.

We learn that the local PCT it was intended to serve,"needed proof of company structure before dealing with them" 


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I saw it, it looked like a scam, the consultant involved walked away with a pot of gold by modesly editing standard forms... buyer beware!
£8645 on registration, how come did they fly the forms in and have armed security to gaurd them eing made of gold.

Was it a scam, Glad we had free advice from veriours local concerns who help with such things. Even though I do not think we had that much time.



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