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Make a Difference CIC wins Prime Minister’s Big Society Award

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The community interest company has engaged over 3000 young people in five years and secured over £1 million in funding for numerous projects. Successes include the regeneration of the former Bus Station – the Buszy – in Central Milton Keynes, now regarded as the city’s premiere youth and community hub. They have also worked to improve youth offending services, set up a youth volunteer led disabled youth club and helped improve local sports, arts and heritage services for the community.



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Sounds brilliant in terms of achievement - but more like a charity!
Sounds brilliant in terms of achievements - but more like a charity!

I'm really surprised by this comment - why does it sound like 'more of a charity'??

We all complain that people don't understand CICs - no wonder if those who run CICs can't recognise one!

The majority of our income comes from trading activity & contracts. We use it to fund our services & actvities for community benefit. Like all CICs do.

Never thought I'd have to defend our CIC status on the CIC Association website!!


I think the comments on the other thread from Debbie le Haye made sense, and in some ways Denise I think Terri is paying you a compliment!


I think your well able to explain your CIC status :-)

No Denise, you don't have to defend your status to anyone!

What I meant was that it sounds as though a lot of work is done in a charitable way; organisations working with volunteers often operate this way, that's all.

And the impressive £1 million funding is usually beyond the majority of standard CIC'S. It's just an observation that charities generally obtain more funding than a lot of other structures; particularly the CIC. If you read the blogs on the site you will note that access to funding is always an issue for most CIC's, but your organisation has clearly struck the balance between gaining funding  whilst generating income independantly, which is good. Not all CIC's are managing this...





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