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My organisation was set up and run by myself and a fellow director. We now have volunteers that we want to make as memebers and form a management committee. Are there any written roles of members and committees that exist anywhere that I could be provided with.

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Hi Elias

It depends on how you incorporatd to some extent Elias, if it was as a CLG small membership have a look at the attached PDF which shows the structure of what you need to do, point 26.5 says
Every person who wishes to become a member shall deliver to the company an application for membership in such form (and containing such information) as the Directors require and executed by him or her.

Basic considerations are what powers you give the members, the classes of members (volunteers etc) voting rights etc and you'll need to detail it in a directors meeting

you should definately use these guys for professional help if you need it , they give pro-bono legal advice to CICs

your own memo and arts will dictate what you need to do to a large extent, in the meantime i'll let you know if I come up with some good templates

best regards
template mem and arts CLS small membership with footnotes
I did't get an attachment!
Hi Elias

You can download the template versions at

let us know if you need anything else

John's given you good info here - but in reality the main thing to remember is to keep records of everything!

Your constitution will act as a general guide - but there is always some room for creativity!

Beware of creating 'shadow directors though....'



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