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Hi all

We have been trying to convince TECHSOUP who work on behalf of Microsoft and SAGE (accounting) that we should qualify for the reduced rates offered to charities. but because CIC's don't appear on the list and can't be verified on the Charity Commissions website we have been turned down.

Similarly we have applied for an account with a Public Sector Buying Organisation (PSBO) call ESPO and been rejected. They are supposed to offer best value on procurement but we are unable to access it

Has others been faced with the same issue

Can the CIC association push these organisation to include CIC's as they really don't get the meaning of social enterprise 

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Hi Nigel

This is an issue for many 'free to Charity' offerings. One reason is CIC is only becoming familiar and becoming a large enough group of interest. Second is CIC can be 'bot for profit' and 'for profit' so going for blanket acceptance can be argued to be unfair. As with Discretionary Business Rate relief, we would like Company Limited by Guarantee CICs at least to be included and regarded the same as Charity.

We'd be happy to get involved with any initiative, we're unfunded and limited in many ways but id be happy to personally meet/discuss with any key contacts

Im always interested on the CIC association approach to support existing and potential members, i wish I could contribute but ti seems its being covered... personally i have a local pro bono agreement to support me with my accounts... but only a small fish in a big fish pond.  

@ChrisTurner - more than happy for any help you can give!

We've previously sent supporting letters with member efforts to get CIC recognised for discounted services. I do think progress has been made but definitely a long way to go. Great that you have help with your accounts, most CICs are small fish in big ponds,we know how that feels!



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