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Hi all, I am a new member to CIC Association. Thanks for accepting my application for membership.  The CIC I propose (not yet submitted) is a Wellbeing CIC.  This will provide support in the form of our services to local community social care providers, Organisations and Charities (if Charities are permitted). We are a highly skilled team who will provide counselling and holistic therapies. 

We are accredited practitioner,  with the scope of recruiting more accredited service providers, funds permitting. Can anyone help or guide me with any hints and tips before the submission goes in (next 4 days). 

Q. Are CIC allowed to support charities?

Q. Can First Directors be also the Secretary? 

Thanks in advance. Sue Westwood. 

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Hi Sue

Q. Are CIC allowed to support charities? Yes, many do, many are subsidiaries of Charities, some have Charity subsidiaries

Q. Can First Directors be also the Secretary? Yes, but you dont need to name a Co Secretary anyway

Use this group for further posts:, best of luck


Thanks so much John for your guidance and very swift reply.

Thanks for the link.




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