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At the moment we favour using the platform system used to support Get Ethical. We want to make it relevant to all CICs, so please forward any suggestions as to how you would like the marketplace to work. Most decisions at the start will be constrained by tight resource, but this should get better so dont be afraid to think big!

Also let us know if you want to advertise your product/service to other CICs

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John, What I hoped from the beginning would be that business serving the community would procure services and supplies from like minded others. That hasn't been my experience in 5 years trading, nor as a member of SEC who don't even display what services members have to offer.

well, as it stands Jeff, we're not a million miles away from having just such a place. I'd like to think we can create a decent little market,not all CICs will use it for sales, but we also want it to attract investment and general awareness opportunities, and disseminate the experience of the group in a useable way. It'll be vital to build revenue to reduce reliance on grants etc,but at the moment we'd take the grant!
The technology is becoming very accessible, lets hope we get the useability right. Please invite anyone who maybe interested in supporting our development, we'll be sending out an invite toall CICs shortly courtesy f social enterprise magazine, but he sooner we get the members up the sooner we can get things done.
best regards

There's a rudimentary marketplace listing facility on another ning forum which may be of interest

Otherwise, CICs may find the Freeindex service useful. Ideally I'd like to see something like freeindex for social enterprise and I've asked them if we might have a social enterprise trading category.

BT Tradespace is another rather disappointing free directory, where I've tried to raise the social enterprise profit without much success. Perhaps others will join me and invade thiis space, to gain some attention?.

Yesterday I discovered and registered with,uk. As a business already supplying government and the NHS I only found out about it after an email from BERR with Peter Mandelsons request to sign up to the Prompt Payment Code

All very well, but government don't seem to want to know that a great part of the problem is within their own ranks, as the petition I created to be rejected last year indicates.

Jeff .
There's a marketplace for social business in the new ClearlySo network. A CIC ought to qualify for that definition,

we do indeed! ive been speaking to them for a few months now, we might also develop an organised funding effort with them as well but its all in the early stages. Its likely well link to it, but we'd want all the CICs in our marketplace as we should be able to market it collectively quite successfully.
I think that one of the roles of the Association is to bring CIC's together both for support but also to trade with one another using the services that CIC's provide.



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