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I may be jumping the gun here but I received a message from  james pollard  via the CIC association site asking me to contact him at

As a precaution (thought I could smell a rat) I popped the address into google and found the same message sent to a number of other people.

Anyone know this guy? 

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Thanks Keith

He's been removed from the network, we try really hard to ensure we get no issues and screen all new members but its down to quick reporting by you guys that we can nip it in the bud.

It does indeed look like a phishing scam, ive had reports in more detail by another member. 

Thanks again


Hey, I've also had a message from him too. I haven't commented on here for a while.

So, I found this quite unusual. I'm glad I came on here and saw this message I will not be responding back to him whatsoever.

Thank you

yes we too had the message. deleted it straight away as the message was very vague and the grammar 'a bit iffy'.

well done for getting sorted so quick!.

Thank all of you, I pride myself on spotting them on the way in so apologies this one got through. 


I got the same message. I deleted it.

Thank you for let us know

Just had one today guys so he may be back :)

He has sent me an email today.

Thanks Keith, he is suspended from the site. It is so frustrating trying to keep them out, we really do work hard to catch them on the way in. I refuse at least 5 a week now.




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