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Wondered if CIC members could help me please.  I am currently being offered 80% rebate on the rates for our building. I am putting in an appeal for 100%. Anyone out their received 100% rebate from your local council? If yes please could you let me know and if possible the circumstances by which you obtained it.  I have until November 16th to put in an appeal.

Thanks, Kristine

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Hi Kristine

Have a look at this previous thread,

which confirms other councils who have granted 80% or full relief. It might be worth contacting members who have responded here and may have info to help you.

Not the best data to give you yet, but we are building a picture. Trouble is Kristine, quite a few cases are coming in now where the local authority is withdrawing previously granted rate relief, for no change in circumstances other than the cuts. 

Please keep us up to date, we need all the case examples we can to build evidence.



Hi John, Thanks very much for your prompt reply. I will follow up all the leads and will let you know how we get on.



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