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Hello - I'm a new member so I hope I'm posting in the correct place. We are expanding our Board of Directors to add to our close-knit, friendly team of the last few years. While we are hoping that new blood will provide new skills and positive challenge for us, we have realised our articles have no reference to what to do if we want to remove a Director apart from in cases of non-attendance or in case of mental incapacity. Does anyone have an example of wording from their articles (that they wouldn't mind sharing with me) on how they might deal with a Director who just isn't working out? Thanks in advance. :)

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Hi Claire

Can you post your articles of association? Perhaps the simplest thing is you have a special resolution to adopt new articles (one of the CIC Regulator templates) that do have a clear process of adding and removing directors.

Where did you get your articles of association originally?


Thanks - I'll take a look at those. We originally got ours from a local company that advises social enterprises. 




From Funding Central


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