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interesting argument from the Institute of Public Policy Research recently about pubs being able to become CICs -


resonates with some of my previous arguments about the role of pubs


and the encouragement for more communities to take over their pubs and run them as local co-ops



but what do people think?


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Not being much of a user of Pubs (mostly because many of them are not very acessable to me) I not sure how good an idea this might be. Of course there are village shops which are CIC's now and doing verywell as they can aford to have lower prices partly because they are run by volunters rather then paid staff.

Could a pup be run in that way? I do know that my only Pub in the village does a lot to support community projects but would being a CIC help them?

I think the issue of the Assit lock which has been mentioned my be a problem as well. Does that mean if the landord can't make a go of it the asset will be lost and so will opur last pub!!!!




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