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Jews for jesus have some good ideas, when it comes to engaging people with Faith.We are working towards a relationship with the JPII legacy project,and the cultural centre,that engages with faith and Culture.What are the terms and conditions, with respect to religion and community interest companies?Patrick buckley.

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No terms and conditions other than those for everyone else Patrick, the only 'excluded' companies are those owned or controlled by a political party or a political campaigning organisation.
the only thing I'd add to John's comments here Patrick is that you consider how yoru theology reconciles to the powers of the CIC and companies house regulators who you'd be submitting yourselves to - my experience of working with various faith-based enterprises and groups is that this crucial element is often overlooked, and potentially at the cost of your core defining values - I was commissioned by a theological college to draft an article exploring this further which I'd be happy to forward you a copy of.

Hi Adrian,a comprehensive Christian site,respectful of other faith's,fundraising for charities,with an emphasis on JPII teachings,is surely a welcome addition to the internet.Theology of the body,together with other important direction for contemporary christians,will be an integral part of our site.I'm sure we can reconcile ourselves to the demands of the regulators-We are not planning to subvert the state.Thanks,Patrick.
He-he, I think a little subversion is allowed, especially to challenge the cultural and financial hegemony :-)
One thing for sure I can tell you Patrick is CIC is a very 'broad church' as ive described it previously (a mile wide and an inch deep!) Its all about the outcomes at the end of the day me thinks!
Best of luck
Hi John,my idea is to bring Traidcraft into the picture,with a lively, and I hope interesting site,that is open to the world.There are plenty of good sites around where Christians can learn and grow in faith.What will it take to encourage the internet community to purchase,say, 30% of it's goods from Traidcraft?The supermarkets and corner shops can have the rest!We are starting with a Christian site,though hope to engage faith with culture,an absolutely necessary approach if youth are going to pay any attention,to what christianity has to offer.The utopia community is the cultural side,with Dance,music,theater,world culture,donating online to charities etc, giving people the opportunity to connect with whatever interests them.Facebook,Linkedin,Twitter,Myspace,Friends,and the many other networks,with nearly a billion members,are surely making it clear that people wish to communicate and participate with one another,make new friends,and are open to new relationships with other cultures.Traidcraft is a very important part of this John,those of us that see an echo of the 1960's in the nature of the internet,recognise that people have a lot of power, when it comes to making trade fairer.We need to use it wisely this time around.Thank you for your understanding,kind regards,patrick buckley.



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