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Why is it the best way to approach to engage in training people who have lost their jobs through JobPlus agencies?

Are JobPLus agencies facilitating training companies to assist young people in the running of real businesses, giving them practical understanding of key business principles?

Do Training Community Interest Company need support from JobPlus agencies? let me have your views please.

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Well thats a hard question.

I think that the first thing to remember is The DWP (JobPlus) have the details 99% of the people who need the services CIC's working with the Unemployed. So being able to work with them must be a bounus.

One thing I do not like in the current system is people can be 'refered' to you by JobPlus just because they have been unemployed for x period of time (and often not before). This means that if you working in a specific area you can get people refered who have no interest in the area.

This is where I think the front line contract holders should come in (The like of Shaw trust Take all refers from the JobPlus and for the must part have a few set paths for them to follow through there system. The smaller CIC can then specialize in diferent areas to provide services and help more taylored to the indervidual. This is what we want to do as a CIC.

The one size fits all method has failed as it can only be of real help to a small minority of people. The problem is the varity of sizes method is more costly but brings better results. It is a balencing act that so far I think the government has got wrong. Which brings us back to your question?

Yes we need to be supported by JobPlus, in both terms of faciltys and finaces, but that support needs better management to ensure the we end up with people who will benifit from our services. You could go it alone if you had enough support from other sources to market to inderviduals you service on a massive scale but then I think that ends up taking the majority of you resources and seems to me at least not the best use of your proberly very limited available cash!!!!




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