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Hi Everyone


The Association is ready to take the next steps in its development, and we're keen to have your input on how we take that development forward. We propose the attached DRAFT memo and arts for discussion and development. We have two members who have kindly agreed to be the initial board members, with a primarily role of putting in place a representative and capable board with which to move forward.


There's a wider debate happening alongside this, many members have indicated they would like to form partnerships with the Association and other CICs, contributing your ideas through these planning discussions will help us build an Association thats relevant to you.


I'll be posting some video from the recent CIC Forum and a bit more on the development plans shortly.


best regards


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Hi John

Two immediate comments:

At just a quick glance, the draft articles for the proposed CIC need some tidying up - for instance there are some incorrect cross references to clause numbers.

I'm not clear why the Association's management thinks this further CIC is needed or what the new CIC is going to do or how it will relate to the existing CIC. I suspect I am not the only one. Maybe a posting or circulation providing the background, the reasoning for creating it, the epxected benefits and a summary of the planned activities and relationship(s) would be helpful to all?



there's a lot more wrong with it than that, its just a template to build from. More background coming shortly, ive got a video from yesterdays Forum which will hopefully open up the debate, and am just putting together a development update to help steer the debate.
I agree with Cecile. Also wondering if we can be told who the two members are who have agreed to be Board members, and what the process is/was for their appointment? or are they self-appointed?
on its way, id hoped to be able to have the time today to put the update together, but the phones been melting all day!
I would liike to know how the CIC Association strated, how board members became board members and why is it changing?
Also, you can get standard MEM & ARTS via VODA or from the CIC Regulator which can be tweaked.
Hi Irene
yes, its a proxy to start conversations, ultimately we can structure it how we like, and I hope everyone who wants to has their say.

The reason for transition is simple, we've done great to get it off the ground, but with nearly 800 members and a range of development opportunities we need to take the next steps in building capacity. Its also a good time to put in place a structure thats future proofed to some extent. We've generally been working to the set of objectives listed on the static website, and its time to open that up. Lots of members indicated they wanted to get involved, nows the time to structure that.

As for how it started, this open letter I wrote to Liam Byrne at The Cabinet Office in March 2009 covers some of the backstory.

Others have made comments about the spelling etc. No point in going over that again.

This is a very good starting point and I think that as members we should get behind you in your efforts and be ready to share the load now.

I hope you might think agian and enlarge the board to include more members who can help you in this.

Are we converting the exsiting cic or setting up from scratch, not even sure if we are allowed to convert. Not my area of expertise so to speak.

I do hope the members will have a big input into the prosess and be a driving force in the change. We need this assocation and in the coming 18 months will need all the support we can give to one another.

Has anyone looked at the video? I am not sure what the 'Forum' element is?
Yes and was at the meeting, The forum element is about CIC's having a say about thoses things they are interested in.
I meant in the video really
Sorry Matthew I am not understanding, Not to well today, can you be a little clearer on what your asking please?
Apologies everyone, all the questions are relevant and within the thinking, im having some problems with IT/Time at the moment, so please bear with me.

In many ways the general climate is the same as when you posted this article back in Nov 2009, which was a letter from Tom Barnett, co-founder of the CIC Association. We have just taken the basic agenda built off the back of the previous questionnaire and agreed activity from previous forums. Its all still to do, and this development will help organise that.

Theres another 30minutes plus of video coming Matthew and a lot more detail. These videos are not reflective of the Forum, they're me setting out as best I can what I think should be done from my perspective.

The two initial directors are only temporary, to facilitate the building of the board we all decide. Ive chosen them based on their character, integrity and experience. They've contributed hugely to what we've got done so far, and in very simple terms i can trust them to do a good for us.

Please bear with me, there's a lot coming at me at the mo and IT is failing all around me!



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