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Hi All

As we grow we're getting increasing interest from the media, if you would like to increase your CICs profile and help us increase awareness of CICs more generally, please get in touch with

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John Keep up the good work I am happy to speak up for CIC's and support you and the team. Graeme Skillbuilders CIC
Hi John

I would be happy to talk about CICs as always!! Keep up the sterling work my friend

Amanda x
Hi John

Apologoes i#'ve noit been in tocuh for a while, we are still on quite a journey - nevevrmind having £900k clawed back by central government in recent cost saving hits (we had secured the money jointly with our local council last year).

Anyway always happy to talk about CICs.

Kind regards,

Thanks for keeping the members so well informed. Happy to speak about CIC's especially on a regional basis - down in Devon. Most the events tend to take place in London or further North. We need to develop regional representatives. Jane



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