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Hi all, I'm new to this forum and hope you can help.

I need to prepare some end of year accounts so that I can apply for some funding before the accountant does the full end of year thing in Feb/March.

Does anyone have a template that I could use? I've seen conflicting advice online and lots of different formats on Companies House. So advice would be helpful.

We've only been a CIC for 14 months with not much activity so it should be quite straightforward?


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Would recommend getting the assistance of an Accountant that specialises in CIC34 and Accounts filing etc

Hi Annete

It may be useful to share the approach we adopt with our CIC clients for when we prepare their CIC accounts, and help with the CIC 34.  I appreciate that this may already be resolved, what is below is part of a cheklist we provide.

The key to a smooth process, and keeping  fees at a manageable level is the quality of the underlying records.  The main record will be (either on paper, spreadsheet or software) the bank and cash records which needs to be reconciled and showing where the money came from and what it was spent on.  There will be additional information such as outstanding bills and money owed.

The actual format of the accounts from those records for Companies House and HMRC will be a statutory one that your accountant will have.

Hope this helps





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