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I have been helping newly established CICs find funding and keep track of their bookkeeping.

A number of them are now looking to make their voluntary work into a paying job.

They do things like teach, run workshops, and project manage, as well as keeping the CIC running and giving it direction.

Can they be employees of the CIC in a different capacity to that of being a director.

Can I set them up on payroll as employees of the Company without stipulating that they are a director?

I can't find any useful advice on this and would like some clarification if possible.

Thanks Louise

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This is a very interesting question. Myself and the other director of our CIC are actively working and supporting the young people we provide educational and social care sessions for. We are paid by the local authorities to complete this work and have been paying ourselves for the sessions and some of the time we spend running the service. We are registered as employees but recently have had some issues with our first year end accounts. 

As directors we can be paid but I think we can only be paid to a certain percentage of the turnover ? We also need to find some clarity on this.

Anyone able to assist please



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