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Raising Equity Finance for your CIC - A Guide to the UK Regulatory Framework and Exemptions,

Hi All


It is with pleasure that I attach Raising Equity Finance for your CIC - A Guide to the UK Regulatory Framework and Exemptions. 


It is perfectly feasible for a CIC to use their shares to increase investment or participation and the attached briefing note seeks to explain the major points that need considering where new investment is sought in return for shares in a CIC.    


This note aims to explain how a CIC can organise a share offer, remain a private CIC and use the existing exemptions to avoid having to arrange an FCA authorised share offer.  

This briefing note is also of interest to those considering a non-listed Community Interest PLC (CIPLC) but does not consider the additional regulation and requirements of a publicly listed CIPLC.    


This briefing note discusses the exemptions widely but is designed to be of particular use to CICs who:    

1. Want to raise less than 100k Euro  

2. Want to raise investment from 150 people or less  

3. Want to offer a proposal that is primarily a social investment, and secondarily (or if at all) for a financial return  

4. Want to offer a proposal to a large group of individuals and/or organisations already known to the CIC  


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It's a bit long John!!

Isnt it just!

A quote from the BWB representative at the last Regulator technical panel inspired me to finally put together a document that covered the issue comprehensively from a CIC perspective!

I'll be doing easier to read documents shortly but I also needed something to help reduce the issues with Community Share Unit advisers, they have been causing damage to CIC generally and this document needed to ensure a full interpretation was available to them.

'Well i've never heard of it' will hopefully not be the basis of advice moving forward :-)



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