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Hi, the Kirkby Lonsdale & Lune Valley CIC manages, on a day to day basis, two public toilet units, a weekly market and a visitor information shop, which is staffed by volunteers and open seven days a week - God willing!
We obtained grants from our district council, through the town council, five years ago to refurbish the out of date toilets and introduce pay to use facilities. The current charge is 20p. The toilets are unisex and each unit has one baby-change/disabled toilet.
We are currently facing reduced financial support from the district council - who actually own the toilets - who say they want us to make them fully self-financing over the next five years. We can increase the user charge, but we need to upgrade the facilities, especially the doors. One unit, of three toilets, has doors which incorporate coin-op mechanisms. The other unit, with two toilets, has detached coin-op mechanisms.
We are currently being quoted in the region of £2k a door to replace with new coin op mechanisms, monkey we can ill afford.
My question is: is there a better way of doing things? Are there grant sources around?
We cannot install a single paddle system at each site which would mean just one payment mechanism for each site. The sites don't lend themselves to this sort of construction.
I'm Allan Muirhead, a founder director of this CIC.

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Hi Allan

Couldnt that cost be built into the plan for the reduced support from the LA? Grants are always an option if you can find one that this would fit the criteria for, are the LA transferring ownership to the CIC?

I'd appreciate any views on the cost of public toilet doors with coin-op mechanisms, either incorporated or remote. We don't know how wide to search, or whether it doesn't matter, as they might all come in around the same price. The toilets our CIC manage are leased over 99 years to the Town Council who appointed the CIC to look after them on a day to day basis.

Hi Allan

Not sure if you'll get much of a reply on the subject on here as it is quite a specialized subject, personally I dont have a clue!

Best regards




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