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Hello my name is Alex and I am setting up a CIC with my unincorporated organization IC Visual Lab. Our remit is to support the development of photographic practice – across all approaches and with all audiences – in order to open up the medium to as wide an audience as possible. From screenings, seminar based events and exhibitions, to exploring opportunities for social and community activism, that empowers traditionally disenfranchised groups; we will use photography as an instrument of integration, self discovery and community building.

At this stage, I am still filling the CIC forms (IN01 and CIC36) and the constitution (articles and memorandum) for a Private limited by guarantee. I would like to ask you for some advices on the following questions:

IN01 form

- Section A1

• The proposed company name’s ending has to be limited or ltd. Could it be CIC?

• Have we got to fill the ‘‘for official use’’ field?

- Section D1

As far as I concerned, a CIC limited by guarantee means that all the members subscribed are directors and vice versa.

• Do we need to include more than one director in the form?
• In the form, there is just space for two director appointments. As we are 3 members where should we include the third one?

I read in this forum that it is much better have more directors in terms of getting funding, is that true? Which are the real benefits of that? What happen if we just put one director?

- Section 243 exemption

In the meantime our organization is applying for some funding. We are going to send the CIC application before we apply for the funding. Also, each member is applying for a different grant so my questions are:

- Shall we tick this box if we haven’t apply yet? We might get the funding during the CIC registration process, should it be a problem?
- Do we have to tick each Section 243 box if we all apply for funding?


The cheque (£35 fee) can come from other person who is not part of the organization. The actual members haven’t got cheque book yet.
I really appreciate all the suggestion and advices you can give me with this form as I have been told more than the 70% of the people fail due to a silly mistakes.

Thank you very much and I will support anyone who are thinking to set up a similar company than ours.


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Hi Alex,

Here are the answers...

The proposed company name has to end in 'CIC'  or 'Community Interest Company'

Leave the ‘‘for official use’’ fields blank

CIC limited by guarantee doesn't mean that - the members and directors are different roles but can be the same people if you like - indeed you may be using model articles which assume they are the same people

You can register a CIC with one director

Extra pages can be downloaded for more than two director appointments

It is indeed much better have more directors in terms of getting funding

Section 243 exemption has nothing to do with funding

The cheque (£35 fee) can come from anybody!

Thank you very much for your time and effort. really appreciate your help.

Thank you very much for your time and effort. really appreciate your help.



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