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hi i am starting up a cic and worried about getting the balance right when orgainisng a peer committee, something i thought would be straight forward. one cic i wanted on the committee who will be working indirectly on the project want to apply for joint funding with me. would this complicate the relationship and effect my ability to operate.

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Hi Thai 

It shouldnt, the joint bid would be something both CICs enter into. If an individual is working for two independent CICs than it would make sense for that person to only represent one CIC in any discussions to avoid conflicts of interest. 

Any particular concerns? 


Thanks john youve answered my question. Just one other point. In a joint bid if one cic is judged sustainable and the other not. Will both cic lose the funding. Is this the danger

Very simply yes, grants tend not to have any issues around sustainability, more delivery only....for contracts it is a different matter but generally for grants it is the content of the bid that decides it



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