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Hello all :)

I am looking to start up 'not for profit' and i am wondering if there are some free (or very reasonably priced) methods to get advice, ideally over the phone but failing that email?

Thank you all for reading.

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Hi Dean

You can get the incorporation paperwork done yourself with the links above, and this space is a great place to post questions. Quite a few members if you look offer incorporation services for approx £200 or less

We have other groups, such as Accounts, Seeking investment where you can post questions and read previous discussions. 

You can also call me on 0790 592912 one afternoon between 1-4, we can usually clear up most of your questions pretty quickly.


Hi John, Thank you for your reply, much appreciated.

I would like to take up your kind offer to speak with you over the phone, I am mindful however over taking too much of your valuable time up. What day would be good for me to call you?

The topics I am needing clarification on are:

- articles of association for just me as a single director, although I have read one forum thread which dealt with that and found it a huge help. I know there governance and funding issues linked to just one director sadly.

- How big an issues regarding funding grants to have one director as i know some grant body require a minimum of three directors.

- if the cic I will build from funding and grants is also my  home, should I ever cease trading, what happen to my home?

again, thank you for your reply

There are links in those previous discussions to single director articles of association from Geof Cox 

Can be a real big issue trying to secure funds as a single director, especially accessing start up funds.

Grant bodies will give CICs with a track record a different set of underwriting, for eg Big Lottery have awarded numerous grants to single director CICs but you wont qualify for Awards for All .

One example was a £300k plus investment into a CIC with a single director approx 3 years old, but their track record was tremendous.

You will only ever be a tenant of the property (if I understand you right) The CIC will own the property if it is what builds it. 

Hiya Dean,


You might like to consider


Good luck!





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