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Dear friends, Would anybody have a view on whether any particular changes require to be made to the model  articles of association as supplied,  for an art, transmedia Festival CIC? My question relates to the suitability of the model Articles of Association for most businesses or whether any particular changes would be beneficial in the wording of the Articles before submitting an application.

So far I am the sole Director (with plans to add another 2 dDirectors) and the plan is to recruit a volunteer management/admin team, along woth volunteers on the ground.

Thank you for your help, in anticipation.

Warm Regards,


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Dear Gavin,

I am have a similar query - do you mind if I jump on with my question?


Please go ahead!

I have a meeting next week about this - I'll come back with anything that may help us!

Just sticking this on here for future readers, model articles of association for a Single Director Limited by Guarantee.courtesy of Geof Cox 


Many thanks! 



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