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Hello all,

I have created a new community interest company (Constructiveway) and would like to add 2-3 additional directors. I'm not sure that I've to register them with HM Revenue & Custom at all or not. I tried to search for an example form of contracts that I can use for volunteering directors but Google failed as well as I can't find anything about HMRC. 


1.) May my new directors be only volunteers, unpaid (also, I'm not receiving any salary)?

2. ) What form should I use for HM Revenue & Custom? (if I've to use any). 

3.) Do you know any example that I can use to create a contract for unpaid directors?

Thanks a lot

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1. Yes

2. You don't need to notify HMRC when appointing directors, but you will need to notify Companies House

3. Unpaid directors don't generally have service contracts, but they will have duties to the company

Hi James,

Amazing to read from you. Thanks a lot for the info, for your reply. 

Best regards,

J. Vysvader



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