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Hi Everyone,

It would be lovely to know what else is going on in the South West. Perhaps even some symbiotic relationships can be formed!

Look forward to finding out :) :)

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Thought we should start.

White Clover Care Services C.I.C. was incorporated in January 2012, after four months of development work, we are about to start trading. We deliver a range of clothing related services to people living in care homes (initially within a 30 mile radius of Ilminster), as well as some national services like our name labelling service. If you would like to know more, please visit:

Below is a copy of our CIC Statement.

SECTION A: Beneficiaries: We declare that the company will carry on its activities for the benefit of the community, or a section of the community.

  • The company’s activities will provide benefit to disadvantaged vulnerable people. This includes older people, people with learning disabilities, disabled people, and people with mental health issues.

SECTION B: Activities & Related Benefit: Indicate how it is proposed that the company’s activities will benefit the community, or a section of the community. With further explanation of how your company is different from a commercial company (providing similar services or products) for individual or personal gain.

  • White Clover Care Services C.I.C. will provide a range of clothing related services to disadvantaged vulnerable people.
  • The community will benefit by providing its vulnerable people with clothing related services. This amongst others includes a mobile clothing outlet to people who live in nursing/residental homes; a clothing labeling service, and bespoke clothing tailoring for people who need adaptive clothing.
  • Our focus is on delivering a service from a health and social care model, as opposed to delivering a retail model.
  • Our aim is to to promote independence, choice and inclusion.
  • If the company makes any surplus:
    • In the short term, any surplus will go to purchasing stock and resources.
    • In the longer term, substantial surplus will create new posts and projects, and/or replace other external funding. We will also make available grants for financially disadvantaged vulnerable people.



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