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The Bristol 2050 report on benefit claims I read today for the first time made interesting reading.  

We incorporated in the UK as a targetted poverty relief via local economic development advocacy.  Our work began with a critique of capitalism and money imagined into existence as debt and by 1999 in our work in Russia we were observing the consequences of an economic collapse.

The Tomsk Regional Initiative was an unqualified success story which brought around 10,000 micro enterprises to a city of 600,000 population with a $6m investment in microfinance. Overall a cost of $10 per head.  It was our aim in 2004 to achieve similar impact in the UK through community re-investment.

Today, reflecting on a letter written to the SEC chair in 2005, which remains unanswered, it's apparent now that those we'd approached simply didn't comprehend what we were talking about.  In 2004 we'd projected an investment of £100m into seeding social enterprise nationally, via CDFIs.

In the Forest of Dean a particular obstacle seems to be local government itself which has gone out of its way to avoid engaging with social enterprise, as I relate in

yet another unanswered missive.


Am I trying totalk about sustainable local economies with people who just don't understand?






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