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The Carbon Reduction Initiative (East)

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  • Hi Bruce

    Good document, only thing I found hard to understand was how much you want to raise!

    Reasonable response at my meeting, lots to discuss about semantics on Thursday. The marketing strategy will be key, one thing I want you to consider is what will you do if you get more investment? How quickly could you scale up? and would it achieve the same output per £1 (would there be increased cost in increasing your capacity?) Its a question I would like you to have an answer for, we really dont know where this could lead


  • Hi Bruce


    All the news on heating etc should be good for business! Can you send annex 1 for the business plan, wasnt able to locate it




  • thanks, will read thru monday


  • thats great Bruce, talk then
  • Hi Bruce

    No bother at all, Thurs/Fri afternoon sometime should be fine

    Best regards


  • Hi Bruce

    You should have had an invite to an event on the 27th Oct, lets arrange a tel con next week to discuss further, tues afternoon good for you?

  • I'll give a more detailed response shortly, but the social outcomes are awesome! Talk soon
  • Hi Bruce

    Tues or Weds are fine, ill be on 0203 262 3044. Just give me a call,if im not there leave amessage and i'll try and catch you.

    have a good weekend


  • Bruce

    A good idea. I'd like to create a short radio series. If you can send me an outline of what you would want covered - we can start to think abiut it.


This reply was deleted.