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I'm working on an form of the Public Service Code, adapting it for my CIC.  Does anyone have any comments?:  

This CIC subscribes to a form of the Public Service Code adapted for a CIC.  Its Directors and Officers will:

    Observe at all times the ethical standards expected of public servants, having regard to the Seven Principles of Public Life

    Make themselves accountable to the CIC Regulator and through other means for their policies and performance, with the highest standards of openness and transparency.

    Aim to deliver services that match in quality better private or public equivalents, including standards of customer care.

    Treat public service workers and users fairly and equitably, and involve them in service issues.

    Respect at all times the right of the citizen to good administration as set out in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, and his or her right to safe, reliable services. Proper redress should be made where maladministration has taken place.

    Remember at all times that public service means serving the public, not serving the interests of those who provide the service, and work collaboratively with others to this end.

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