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Adrian Ashton's website is currently 'unwell'...

dear all - sadly my main website is unwell.

Hopefully back up before too long, but until then thanks for your patience if you're trying to access copies of any of my published articles, cheesy pics or links...

in the meantime you can still see my blog -, follow my tweets at, and link with me on linked in at

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Comment by Adrian Ashton on March 24, 2010 at 17:17
as a temporary measure i've set up a replacement site at

aside from it being a bit 'rough and ready', it's there, took me 2 hours, a few paperclips, a rubber bank, no money and no support - so if my main site ever goes down again I've a standy now at least where people can still get at various info and files that I host to make available.


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