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CICs are Androgynous - First interesting trend from the survey

The first trends are starting to emerge from the data we're collecting via our first survey, one of the most intriguing is the lack of a gender gap within CIC. This balance in gender feeds into an interesting discussion started by Rodney Schwarz at Clearly so (link below)

If you havent already done so, please complete the online survey at CIC Baseline Mapping Questionnaire and ask all the CIC practitioners you know to, the bigger the body of the evidence the quicker we'll be able to engage the issues that become obvious.

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Comment by Tom Barnett on November 18, 2009 at 21:01
This doesn't surprise me. Banks can be very very uninventive - especially given half the chance. HSBC is the worlds biggest "green" and local (=community in my book) bank... supposedly... not very forward thinking of them is it? Perhaps we should approach HSBC's CSR department rather than the BBA?

Things like this are an opportunity, in my book, to turn a negative in to a postive. I'll try to dig out a contact there.

I wonder what the Co-op Banks take is on this matter? And RBS? And Lloyds? ... Would be interesting to talk to all of their CSR departments, wouldn't it? Maybe we could write a letter to them all from the CIC association telling them all that we have written to them all and ask them all what they ahve to say about supporting this movement? Given that there are just under 4000 CICs to date and steady growth projected for the foreseeable future this is a market opportunity they should be jumping at to address... not cowering away from.
Comment by Simon Dean on November 18, 2009 at 17:02
Great idea setting up this Page John, We have spoken about issues asa CIC. One was on TAX which we are still looking into. Te other which has really got me fired up was that HSBC stated that they don't give business loans to CICs. We where after some underpin funding for a new project we where starting up. Do we expect all Banks to have the same attitude as HSBC. Is there some weight we can throw at the BBA - British Bankers Ass'n? Is this how the Government wants CICs to be perceived?


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