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Community Enterprises & Responsible Citizenship for young people and women – a European project

Searchlighter is a project Partner in 'Community Enterprises & Responsible Citizenship' (ComEnter&RC), a 3-year collaborative project that started in September 2020 with Partners from across Europe. The Partners identify as witnesses to a general contraction in marginal areas of local economic activity.

These areas, deprived of investment, now lack the ability to manage essential services, protect the environmental heritage, develop their commons or enhance their cultural assets. As a consequence of the investment deprivation, there may be poor levels of entrepreneurial skills – especially for young people and women – and a lack of participation.

The Partners see a response to this through Community Enterprises (CICs) as CICs open the potential to respond to shared social need among many other things. The project sees CICs as places that can implement progressive inclusion policies to renew participation levels while responsible citizenship can be expressed and strengthened.

The project emphasises the direct role CICs have as a response to social need through their unique brand of job creation. Indeed, the project Partners see them as significant to new forms of democracy, reinforcing social relationships that are rooted in a social economy. This means CICs are high-value subjects for developing entrepreneurial and participatory skills in an innovative and sustainable way.

The ComEnter&RC project is in the process of establishing (1) a start-up path for CICs, and (2) a portal for CIC development through training that is relevant in a European context. The intended impact of this is the facilitation of local development and employment in locally-owned business while increasing participatory and entrepreneurial skills for better integration of people into sustainable economic activity.

If this project is interesting to CIC members, do please feel free to send a message to me here.

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