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Anyone have knowledge of any golf clubs that have converted to cic?
Am looking at various options for our local club which is struggling to manage itself with an outdated structure that doesn't work very well.

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Comment by Cecile Gillard on January 12, 2010 at 15:50
I'd agree with Alastair, a CIC is not an appropriate form for a membership based golf club. If you want to remain essentially a private sports' club but take a corporate form, a non-profit-distributing company limited by guarantee is likely to be appropriate. But do take tax and legal advice and other professional advice - converting a pre-existing organisation to a company is not a simple matter of forming a new company! If you are willing to change the ethos from private members' club to a truly open to all community sports club, you might consider becoming a community amateur sports club, again in CLG legal form. I'm helping a club do that just now. BUT NB the previous warnings and add to them - a CASC is a one way way street, you can't opt out later.
Comment by Alastair Irvine on December 9, 2009 at 9:38
I'm not aware of any Golf Clubs that have converted to a CIC; but I'm also not sure how you'd pass the "public Benefit" test - what public benefit does a golf club have? Health and Fitness I guess, maybe, I'm not entirely convinced.
I also don't see what benefit the club would get from being a CIC. You'd have more regulation and asset lock etc, but you're not trying to trade on the basis you're a CIC.
I'd have thought a simple Company Ltd by Guarantee would have sufficed


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