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It is well documented that the populations of the UK Bumble and Honeybee colonies are already in decline, we believe that unprecedented local flooding events in December 2015 has added to this problem with a potentially devastating impact on pollinators and the wider farming community and wildlife habitats in West Lancashire.


The hardest hit are likely to be species of Bumblebee whose queens nest/hibernate underground during winter before starting new colonies in the spring. We believe that the water table and local flooding during these rains will have further reduced the viability of some Bumblebee Queens and by default colonies in 2016.

Because of the seasonal nesting habits of Bumblebees we are unable to increase the numbers of these valuable pollinators beyond the scope of the work we carry out each year. We can however assist in the increase the number of honeybee pollinators during 2016 to help compensate for the losses of other pollinators, thereby supporting the local farming community who have suffered devastating crop losses due to the flooding and will need help from pollinators in 2016.

The first pollinator improvement project involves using the wild honeybee colonies that we collected in 2015 to start a queen rearing program so as to increase the number of honeybee colonies in West Lancashire.

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