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I'm new to the association and am looking for advice on the relative merits of CIC for a musical group. Up till now we have been operating as a 'charitable orgisation' but we need the flexibilty of raising funds by performing for money. The company would still like to remain NPO but would like a more professional constitution.


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Comment by Martin Perman on July 13, 2012 at 12:12

Hi Alistair, Thanks for your input I am grateful of any advice. Currently we stage events and charge entrance fees and donate the profits form the event to a charity. The reason to change comes about from wanting to raise funds for the group from other means to pay our expenses. The idea is that we would charge to perform at private perfomances, corporate and weddings etc. So I need to be sure that this activity does not interfere with or not-for-profit constitution. Incidentally the currnet organisation is also somewhat at odds with this new actitvty and I would lke to change this into something a bit more like a limited company, but without paying directors.


Comment by Alastair Irvine on July 13, 2012 at 11:38

Martin, There is nothing to stop a charitable organanisation charging entrance fees for events and if you were putting on musical events then it shouldn't be taxable either.

If you want to be more formal then either CIC or Reg Charity is an option.


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