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Social Franchise Opportunities & Social Enterprise Advisors

Social Franchise Opportunities & Social Enterprise Advisors

Social Franchise Opportunities:

· Social franchising introduction
· Investment in sport enterprise
· Social franchising the next big thing
· All Saints Action Network (ASAN)
· Clearly So Social Business Directory
· Tatty Bumpkin ‘Ethical’ Franchise
· Green Assess ‘Green’ Franchise

Social franchising introduction from RISE South West:

Investment in sport enterprise can combat gang culture

Social franchising: The next big thing for social enterprise is here (again)

The All Saints Action Network (ASAN): employs a radical approach to community development and regeneration that has established a portfolio of businesses whose profits benefit an inner city Wolverhampton area:

Clearly So Social Business Directory:

Tatty Bumpkin ‘Ethical’ Franchise:





Dual income franchise opportunity with award-winning children and baby yoga-inspired classes, parties & organic, carbon neutral and fair trade clothing, toys and class materials.

A Tatty Bumpkin franchise gives you the freedom to work to your own schedule while being part of an award winning ethical business. The unique dual-income franchise generates income through a fun yoga-inspired children’s activity class as well as through sales of Tatty Bumpkin’s organic, carbon neutral and fairly traded clothing and accessories.

Why Tatty Bumpkin?

Dynamic, forward-thinking ethical company.
Classes aligned with the Early Years Foundation Stage (early years standards for babies and children aged 0-5 years).
Programme developed by educationalists, health professionals and qualified yoga teachers.
Intensive business and teacher training, along with comprehensive ongoing support from a knowledgeable, proactive team.
Baby and Tatty Bumpkin gives broad business reach.
Tatty Bumpkin franchisees teach baby and toddler classes in nurseries, children’s centres, primary schools, after school clubs, at parties and privately, as well as selling organic clothing through party plan. Our franchisees find classes rewarding, as the programme encourages children to develop in their own way through having fun.

Green Assess ‘Green’ Franchise:

Green business will be what IT was in the 1990s – Big business!

A skills shortage for a growing industry

In order to meet EU carbon reduction targets, existing green legislation in the UK will be expanded; making the services that Green Assess franchisees offer mandatory requirements and therefore guaranteeing future demand.

Green Assess franchisees will be able to enter this Government and legislation-backed 'green economy', which is anticipated to see massive growth. Just like the IT revolution, those who get involved early could reap unprecedented financial rewards.

A real business opportunity

Be your own boss

If you have the requisite determination and fire to make a business succeed, and an interest in property and the environment, then Green Assess wants to hear from you right now.

Social Enterprise Advisors:

Clearly So

Clearly So is the world’s first marketplace and hub for social business & enterprise, commerce and investment. It aspires to develop a resource that is a major asset to social businesses and enterprises (SBEs) as they seek to grow and prosper, and for socially minded investors looking to support them. In short, Clearly So hopes to play a major part in helping social businesses and enterprises to succeed.

Clients of Clearly So benefit in several ways. SBEs gain easy access to capital, publicity and supplier services (such as legal, accounting, recruitment and insurance) as well as helpful information and the ability to learn from each other as well as respected industry experts. Member SBEs also have the ability to purchase products at discounted prices and from time to time are offered “free stuff” by suppliers. These suppliers (currently over 300), in turn, gain access to a booming sector for their products and also derive positive CSR aspects. Investors have the unprecedented opportunity to view over 1150 SBEs online, make comparisons and ponder how to achieve the blend of financial and social return they desire. They also attend more focused offline investment events.

All Clearly So SBEs are coded by industrial and social sector classification as well as by the social benefit they engender. This feature is especially attractive for the general public who, via the site are able to tap into a large volume of information including: popular blogs, industry reports, a proprietary glossary of terms and jargon, etc. In total, traffic on the site is growing rapidly and is the largest site of its kind in Europe.

School for Social Entrepreneurs

The School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) exists to provide training and opportunities to enable people to develop their entrepreneurial abilities for the benefit of society. SSE develops and supports social entrepreneurs through its unique action learning programmes, which combine personal and project development for sustainable positive social impact. The SSE methodology has been independently evaluated as proven to deliver significant social and financial return on investment.

SSE was founded in 1997 in East London, and has expanded from there to operate as a franchise across the UK and internationally. There are now 9 franchises in the UK, and a first international franchise in Australia; over 500 SSE Fellows have completed programmes around the country, and a further 200+ social entrepreneurs are currently on SSE programmes.


UnLtd is the leading provider of support to UK social entrepreneurs and offers the largest such network in the world, resourcing over 1,000 individuals each year through its core Awards programme, and supporting tens of thousands more via direct engagement and partnership awards initiatives. UnLtd operates a unique model by investing directly in individuals and offering a complete package of resources; from funding between £500 and £15,000 to ongoing advice, networking and practical support.

UnLtd Ventures

Provides long term specialist support to a number of outstanding entrepreneurs.
UnLtd Research

Leads on inspiring and informing action, policy and social change.
UnLtd Connect

Brings together experienced professionals able to offer pro-bono support and those who are growing social ventures.
UnLtd Advantage

Is the premier investment readiness programme in the social enterprise sector, preparing social enterprises for introduction to the appropriate investment provider.
Live UnLtd

Is transforming how society views young people and how young people view themselves.

Connects you to the people, tools and information you need to change the world.

UnLtd delivers the legacy of the Millennium Awards Trust and programmes with partners such as the DCSF, Channel 4, NESTA and Comic Relief. It operates across the UK with regional offices in Belfast, Birmingham, Bradford, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow and London.

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seToolbelt: is a free open-content community initiative to help social entrepreneurs plan, start, manage, and grow successful social enterprises.

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