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I've been working with social enterprises for quite a few years, in fact before the term 'social enterprise' was even used. We talked about community businesses and sometimes about social firms. There's so much now about social enterprises and a great a deal of debate. But I do like the term 'social enterprise' and I personally hope its kept a broad descriptor of organisations that trade for a social purpose. I'm putting together a project in Cornwall named "Social Traders" aimed those who establish and manage social enterprises of all types, including of course CICs. Social Traders will be launched shortly mostly web-based as a directory and resource - all free! We are hosting our first network meeting on 30th April, so unless you're out on the surf come along

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Comment by Terri Hills on February 10, 2009 at 20:01
I agree it's probably OK for some types of business, but for organisations partially reliant on grant-funding, might give the wrong impression. Conjures-up mental images of Del & Rodders......


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