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Veterans Hike CIC was formed in December 2020 after growing our team from one person being myself to now ten team leaders and covering various counties around the United Kingdom.  Since the pandemic has sent us all into despair, many veterans have been finding life really difficult because of their mental health ie PTSD.  We have been at the forefront and have provided our help and support to many veterans.

Since January 2020 we have been hosting outdoor challenges for all to participate and to burn off the added anxiety caused by daily life struggles that we all face, but also the added tension that COVD brought to each and every household across the UK.  We have been at the front, encouraging and motivating individuals to take to the outdoors hiking.  Every participant that completed one of our challenges received a certificate and a unique medal for the particular challenge.  It has been amazing in the sense that so many people contacted us to take part.  The amazing part is hearing how Veterans Hike CIC gave the individual purpose, a sense of belonging and a community of likeminded individuals.

We are now ten team leaders that cover Northamptonshire, Lancashire, Leicestershire, Dorset and more.  Each team leader host scheduled hikes and have many routes for every individual to take part.  But we don't stop there!  Our main focus is the veteran that doesn;t see the point of getting dressed in the morning or has no purpose, we inspire, motivate and encourage the individual to get off the couch and take part in something worth while.  This is the one 2 one support that we provide to veterans and their immediate family members.  This is done over a three month period, in which the individual proceeds onto group hikes, weekends away, hiking events and more.. But only when they are ready.

Veterans Hike CIC maybe new, but we are here to stay!  We are a member of the Armed Forces Covenent and many partners like Silva, OpenAscents, Genell Support and more.  The funds we raise from donations and the product range helps us to purchase equiptment so that the individual can participate in our activities.

Next year we will be hosting our very first annual event, which will be a three day hiking, camping, beer guzzling weekend for veterans and their families.  Every week we move forward in the right direction, and more importantly the help and support that we provide to vulnerable veterans.  This is what's important to us the most, our beloved veterans!

Have a great weekend, take care.

Mark Standish


Veterans Hike CIC

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Comment by Mark Standish on May 17, 2021 at 13:02

I would love to hear about the work that you and your CIC are doing?  Comment below, send a friend invite, lets connect.

Mark Standish


Veterans Hike CIC


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