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Would the CIC be of benefit in creating a children's home?

Here's the background.

The advocacy we've been engaged in as a 'social business' in Ukraine is at risk.

We aim to launch a family type home for children who have been in state care.

The Abandoned Children of Ukraine on Facebook

We have failed to attract funding or new business in the UK and been unable to acquire grant funding

Forming a charity would allow us to appeal for public donations and have better chance of grant funding,

On the other hand, would the CIC open up the possibility of the latter. From a comment John made today about lack of grant funding for the CIC Association, I would suspect that the chance is slim.

On the other hand it would be more straighforward than trying to run tow organisations at the same time.


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Comment by Jeff Mowatt on February 18, 2010 at 9:59
Thanks Alastair. we're doing the trading to do good thing already as you know, but it hasn't come to much in terms of improving our revenue in 5 years and needs are now more immediate. A charity may help raise donations, but I'm not too optimistic that it will come to much.

Comment by Alastair Irvine on February 18, 2010 at 9:47
I don't see that being a CIC would mean a higher chance of getting grant money than being a charity. If anything, possibly the opposite as if/when talking to anyone abroad (or maybe even in UK) chances are they won't know what a CIC is but would know what a charity is.
I'd only consider a CIC if I were going to be trading to earn the money to do good, rather than raising donations/grants to do good.


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