August 25

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  • Hi Adrian

    Thanks for your response, and yes, it is interesting.   Would be interested to know more - was this independant/private work or wider community focus for example?

    Will keep an eye on your page too, with your comments and views and try to follow all the information!

  • Hi Adrian

    Thanks, hadnt read that one to be honest. But yes, good article, very good actually.......found myself agreeing with all of it. I could really get into a debate on this one, but as an example.......a key social finance group, met the fund manager of a key fund there, i spouted off a few things that were going on regionally as examples of things that we could build standardised funding streams for , sector specific, goegraphic, and structural (both cic and co-op models before you start!) such as certain regeneration and social building programs...complete blank face! we're disconnected in a world of connections! seperated by systems that complicate not liberate! the gap is definitely in those connections (again for another conversation) but part of making that easier is building that body of evidence. Some amazing stuff going on out there 



  • Hi Adrian,
    Welcome to the site and thanks for joining! We hope to develop into a practical resource for all CICs and CIC Partners.

    We’ll be sending out an update on our plans shortly and look forward to your input.

    Best regards

    John Mulkerrin
    ps challenge is vital if we're to take the debate forward, there still arent many who have a good grasp of the issue and debating is a great way of improving everyones understanding of what CIC is all about. I look forward to your involvement, feel free to get a debate going in the forums, what's the general awareness of, and opinion of the CIC legislation over there in sunny Ireland?
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