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  • Support Young Talent in the North East of England

    Community Interest Companies in North East England have the opportunity to use their votes to support Young Talent in the North East of England. For that reason FReSH CIC is lending it’s support to the Ambition AXA Awards which have been launched to find very talented 11 to 18-year-olds who deserve the opportunity to shine. We would love you to join us – it’s free and only takes a minute.

    We are down to the last 5 in each category in the competition and there are 3 young people from the North East left. Whether they progress to the last 3 and the final in the House of Commons at the end of November is down to an X-Factor style public vote. The voting closes on Monday 7th November at Midnight – so you have all of Monday for you and your colleagues to vote and to get some support through friends on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. You can record one vote each for the North East youngsters, more information is available through the links below or  just click on the link next to each of the young people -this gives you direct to access their voting page on the AXA site   




    ‘It can be tricky to reach your true potential. But imagine what could happen if you could work with someone who’s already reached the top of their field or shown great commitment to causes they care about.  

    That’s why AXA has launched these awards. We want to give exceptional young people the opportunity to develop their skills and win an amazing experience that could change their life’. 

    The competition winners could win a bespoke mentoring prize designed specifically for them from someone who is already a leader in the arts, science, enterprise, sport and community involvement.

    The three young people below have achieved a great deal to get this far, they are each in the last 5 of their category, the public vote which runs through to Monday 7th of November, will decide who gets in to the last 3 and goes forward to the final judging at the end of November

    Vote for the Young Talent from the North East – it only takes a minute – you can cast one vote for each of the North East’s talented youngsters@

    1. 1.       Alistair Boyd from North Shields

    Category Enterprise

    VOTE AT:


    1. 2.       Finn Eden from Doncaster

    Category Sport

    VOTE AT:


    1. 3.       Hannah Larkin from Middlesbrough

    Category Community

    VOTE AT:


    FReSH CIC Supporting Young Talent in the Community


    Thanks for your Support

    Albert Boyd




  • Hi David - we never did get to meet up.  Did your grant application succeed?
  • Hi David - I was wondering how your bid went and if you might have some time to meet up? I looked up the website but got a holding page - i asume you are upgrading it.
  • Hi David - I will email you direct. I did last time but it must have got into your junk mail or something. I fully understand your focus on the bid. I hope it is successful. I am quite happy to wait - no problem.
  • Hi David - we seem to be missing each other. I would still like to meet up. Are you free any time next week?
  • Hi David - I wondered if you had seen my message about arranging a meeting?
    Kind regards

  • Hi David,

    Yes i would be really interested in talking to you and would be happy to visit your offices or we could meet half way at a pub, whichever you like. Fridays are usually a good day except the 5th march. I note you are setting up a regional structure and I would be very interested in being part of that. I look forward to hearing from you.
  • Hi David, I am a new member of the Association. John Mulkerrin suggested i introduce myself to you - possibly because I am in Sunderland - so not far from you. I am actively interested in setting up a consultancy cic and a web based service cic. I would be very interested to find out your experience of setting up a cic. I think both of my cics would be ltd by shares - which seems a minority structure for some reason.
  • Hi David

    Welcome to the site and thanks for joining, we hope to develop into a practical resource for all CICs and CIC Partners.

    We’ll be sending out an update on our plans shortly and I very much look forward to your input.

    Best regards

    John Mulkerrin
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