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  • Hi Heidi 

    We are in the process of setting up CIC and think we would benefit from your service and consultation service, do you have a direct email/number or could you point us in the direction of a webpage? 

    thanks Bee

  • Hi Heidi,

    Please could you let me know how to complete my 1st year Company Accounts to submitt to Company House. I have no experience in this area. If you could send me a relevant document that I can use as a guide, this would help me to complete the aforementioned document. Alternatively, please could you provide a number and I can contact you so you can provide pratical help in what I need to do.


    Samuel, Director, Bitac Solutions C.I.C.

  • Thank you Heidi, our accountant is still not agreeing with us on this matter that travelling to place of work is not allowed even if we volunteer.  If we were paid then it wouldn't be a problem .Who could I call to prove this is the case that we are slightly different from a Director  who is running a company for profit rather than the community? As we are not able to get our accounts finished because of this. Thank you inadvance for this. 

  • Hi it was suggested I contact you  that you might be able to help.   We became a CIC last year. We are all  volunteers so no one is employed by our cic . All our  directors volunteer a lot of their time and they only claim back out of pocket expenses. Our accountant  has just informed us we are not able to claim for our mileage to our office base. even if we are volunteers. I understand if you are employed etc you do not claim to place of work . However we are not employed and do what we do for free (volunteer) so can we claim for going to the the office ? hope you can help

  • What is the rough cost of setting up a CIC?

  • Heidi, whats your phone no?

    Sue westbrook

  • hi Heidi - nice write up about your practice in Business Zone: http://www.businesszone.co.uk/topic/business-trends/entrepreneurs-l...
  • Welcome to the CIC Association!

    Thanks for joining, we hope to develop into a practical resource for all CICs and CIC Partners.

    We’ll be sending out an update on our plans shortly and I very much look forward to your input.

    Best regards

    John Mulkerrin
    ps excellent services! i hope your interested in listing in our future online trading space
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