June 12

If you have a website, what is your web address?


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  • Hi Gemma, sorry not to reply to your friends invite.
  • What a great profile! We are not worthy....

    No really, it must be wonderful writing for a living. That would be my dream job, but I'm too stroppy and argumentative.


  • Org.Objects.doc
    Hi Gemma
    We will be continuing to operate as a CIC but as a Cooperative type, a good source of background info on this type of CIC is available from 'Cooperative UK', it is a recently developed structure, established in accord with the CIC regulator. Why - those of us that have been part of this agenda, operating as 'social entrepreneurs' if you like, have always operated as a Coop and fully endorse the Coop Principles; also available from Coop UK.
    We are taking over the operation of a sister organisation i.e. the B/I and employability operation and closing that organisation down, we also will be changing the name of our CIC so decided to use this opportunity to incorporate the full Coop CIC structure! I have attached a copy of our remodelled objects.
  • Hi Gemma
    We have been receiving the SEM for some time and find it a very useful source of Third Sector news I think the layout is brilliant. We are currently making changes to our CIC converting it into a Coop and widening its membership. We are also taking on an employability aspect and the Big Issue operation covering North East Essex. Our focus is on employability particularly for people disadvantaged in the labour market. We are currently developing four businesses and looking to set up an additional centre East of Colchester.
  • Hi Gemma - good to be added - today I am a headless chicken trying to go on holiday ....so I will respond fully on my return- I am a social engineer of the first order-passionet about social business- difficult problems and complex partnerships - we work in the West midlands locally, nationally and India- primary Health is our thing - changing it- prevention - public health in the widest context....
  • I like a variety of music - not too way out though! Favourites are jazz, soul and quite a lot of classical. Once again, nothing to heavy so I suppose I'm fairly middle of the road without being poppy!

    Great if some of your friends would like to use Healthy Life for a bit of practice. We do get 5,000 unique visits per week.

    I'll e-mail you re Social Media.

    Ah Dorset - a lovely place to live!

    Best wishes
  • hi Gemma

    You obviously have a vary interesting career. If you ever have any free time and would like to write for www.HealthyLifeEssex.co.uk we would be delighted. One problem though - we couldn't pay you! We have never managed to get any funding so we are very cash poor.

    Do you have to be registered as a social enterprise to have an article in Social Enterprise or Social Media? We are launching a new businesses, Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB) later in the year. We will be encouraging businesses to become more socially and environmentally responsible and promoting those that are. A very ethical business of course but it has been set up as a normal limited company.

    What sort of music do you enjoy?

  • Dear Joseph,
    I can confirm that your application for an Innovation Voucher is still open, and we are still trying to find a suitable supplier for the project from our registered suppliers after not receiving any proposals from the first attempt of circulating your project to them.
    We will re-circulate the details of your project to our registered suppliers on the 26th June 2009 as the list is growing each month as new institutions join up,
    I apologise for the delay in moving forwards with your project and will be in touch with an update in due course.
    Kind regards,
    Kirsty Bennett
    Administrator - Innovation
    Business Link Yorkshire
    Customer Information Centre 08456 048048
    Business Link Yorkshire
    1 Capitol Court
    Capitol Business Park
    S75 3TZ
    we have indicated we need financiel support to start this new training facility in Leeds? but we are get the impresstion no banks of money lending instutions are involved in this Inovation Voucher awards? So how is a new buisiness ideas to flurish? without funding. its a pointless asset win trying to win when the finishing post is moving forward all the time. and we call this country Great what.
    Joseph Hemingway PhD, Taylor & Hobson CIC, Huddersfield.
  • Hello Gemma, remember me? the :chippendale furniture, guy from hudderfield.
    nice to see you here.
  • ha-ha, lets hope not! thanks for saying it anyway, its good to know. The forum should build into a good resource, we've already got people here more than capable of providing solid opinion on most social enterprise subjects on behalf of the association, so use the forum to ask any questions, and I can also steer you to members who arent on here
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