March 4

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  • Forgot to mention on my profile:

    Moondancer also creates life-history films for people in residential care homes - and produces an overview of the individual's personality. So far we've produced 6 such films and are working on more, in addition to our other work. This gives the families a treasured record of their loved one's life - to be preserved for future generations.....


  • Thanks for the offer Terri - have just sent you an email



  • Hi Terri,


    Thanks for the advice.  I will certainly bear it in mind if and when we have to choose a residential home.  Maybe, by the time we do you will be up in the North East!


    Kind regards



  • Hi Terri - Thanks for the invitation.  I like your CIC idea.  My mother has been diagnosed with moderate Alzheimers but at present she lives with my sister and her family.  We don't want her to go into residential care - and nor does she - but with organisations like yuors must make the stay for the elderly more interesting.  How far beyond the southwest do you go  - we live in the North East of England?


    Incidentally, if I can help you with any accounting issues just email me privately.  I am not in practice but know accountants are.  Hopefully i have enough knowledge about the social enterprise sector to be able to help.


    Thanks again.



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